Instructor Certificate

Upon successful completion of the practicum and evaluation process, trainees receive a Cheval Aerial Method Teacher Certificate verifying the number of hours of education completed (30 hours minimum) and in which discipline. This certificate can be presented to studio owners and insurance companies as proof of education. The certificate is valid for 2 years after completion as best practices are constantly evolving in this industry. Renewal is intended to help instructors get the latest updates in safety and teaching standards.

Program Objectives


Participants study the art of teaching itself. Our program is grounded in the theory of multiple intelligences, meaning that different people learn in different ways. Students will learn multiple approaches to teaching movement arts; how to evaluate students in terms of their physical, mental and emotional strengths & weaknesses; safe spotting techniques; and curriculum development.


Program Goals:


  1. Understand and execute basic foundation of aerial arts across three disciplines: silks, trapeze & lyra

  2. Understand and execute basic foundation of ground skills to support aerial work across three disciplines: flexibility, strength & limbering.

  3. Understand the theory of multiple intelligences and varied approaches to teaching.

  4. Learn how to write a course curriculum: individual lessons plans, semester plans and workshop intensives.

  5. Understand the difference between technique and creativity skills, and how to approach each in the classroom.

  6. Understand proper technique at all levels of aerial arts training.

  7. Execute safe practices in the classroom: how to spot effectively; recognize students’ strengths and weaknesses (physical, mental and emotional); maintain classroom authority; effective time management.

  8. Understand and implement the CAM code of ethics.

Level 1 Teacher Training

Mixed Apparatus: Floor, Silks, Trapeze & Lyra

Aug 6 & 7, 9am - 5pm

Cost: $750 

Level 2 Teacher Training

Mixed Apparatus: Floor, Silks, Trapeze & Lyra

Sept 10 & 11, 9am - 3pm

Cost: $550 


In-Person - Gainesville Circus Center, 1925 NW 2nd St, Suite B, Gainesville, FL 32609 USA

Online - Zoom

Program Requirements:

  1. Min. 1 year experience in gymnastics, acrobatic dance, silks, trapeze, lyra or a combination* 

  2. Attend all live training hours (14 hours In-Person or Zoom)

  3. Complete all homework assignments (3)

  4. Complete independent training hours**

  • Personal practice - 10

  • Assistant teach – 6

  1. Must be able to perform 70%. of course material and demonstrate competence teaching any skills unable to perform. 

  2. Sit for practical exam

  3. Must be at least 16 year of age

*Candidates with expertise in another field of physical arts can apply to take the course, but successful completion will depend on their ability to demonstrate course material. 

**Candidates may submit evidence of outside training/work experience to compensate some of the required training hours. Acceptance of outside experience is at the complete discretion of CAM program administration and is in no way guaranteed as a substitute for certificate requirements.