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Dr. Corey Cheval is an artist, author and entrepreneur working in the fields of performing arts, education, events production and cultural exchange. Cheval has a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Florida (2015), directs the non-profit performing arts school Gainesville Circus Center, and is the co-creator of Dusty's Ragtime Circus

With a research focus on performance and identity, Cheval taught courses at the college level in both technical and theoretical aspects of performing arts. Cheval has published her research on performance studies in peer-reviewed academic journals, and has been a guest speaker at TEDxUF, Frank Conference, Harn Museum of Art & Appleton Museum of Art. 

Cheval has travelled and performed across the United States and Brazil as an acrobat, singer and dancer since the early 2000s. Cheval produces new work through her company Ascendance Entertainment. As director of the Gainesville Circus Center, she shares her passion for performing arts with the next generation of young artists.


Cheval has also written several successful grants for the production of shows and general program support at the Gainesville Circus Center. Additionally, Cheval has written a teacher training program titled Cheval Aerial Method, which is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics & Fitness Association of America. 

Cheval has provided Visa document services, tour planning, PR and travel logistics for international artists working in the U.S. She has worked with artists such as Ulisses Rocha (Brazil), Hermogenes Araujo (Brazil) and Dong Xin (China). 



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